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  1. Melody Ng May 28, 2013 at 3:30 am

    Thank you so much to everyone that make this day possible, and so special for Kitman and I. From the day we met, to getting engaged, planning the wedding, and the actual day of the wedding, we did this knowing that it’s about making memories and enjoying the moment in every step. And there’s nothing we would change about the process, the wedding day, and the memories that were made throughout it all.

    This is done with the help and love from all the people around us — from family (near and far, traveling from overseas), friends (new and old – all the way back when we were classmates in Kindergarten, highschool and university), colleagues (many I considered friends and not just co-workers), and of course the *professionals* (Claudia Hung and her team, Jason Wong and Matt Chung, Damian Yonge (aka Tam Duong).

    Thank you to the very talented Claudia Hung and Jason Wong (and their teams) for helping us capture those memories in still photography and video.

    Melody & Kitman.

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