stephanie + felix :: destination wedding

Posted on November 30, 2012

Despite Hurricane Ernesto gracing us with his presence in Mexico during a good portion of the trip, the weather cleared up just enough on Steph and Felix’s wedding day for us to have a full out wedding outside! Yup, the day before and even the morning of their wedding, the trees were practically sideways from the wind and the rain was just non-stop.

For these types of destination weddings, I generally shoot them by myself because stuff happens all in one place and I’m able to move around to different areas fairly quickly. These types of DWs are also smaller so situations and people are easier to manage. Although I was shooting stills by myself, I had to great company and creative input from the two legendary cinematographers Michael Y. Wong and Konrad Czystowski (ok, confession: I always have to look up Konrad’s last name and then copy and paste it lol). I’ve worked with both of them more so as individuals so this was a complete treat to be able to work alongside both of them at once! Problem solving and coming up with creative solutions for the wedding together was an awesome bonus.

A memory I’ll always have from this wedding is when I was photographing Steph and Felix and I went to switch my lens when I realized I didn’t have my lens bag with me. I ran to the two previous spots where we had shot and they weren’t there either lol The idealistic side hoped that $5000 worth of lenses had been picked up would be returned but the practical side came to terms that I’d probably have to shoot the rest of the wedding with a 50mm (not a shabby lens to be stuck with!). Welp, luck was on our side as the bar tender had picked it up and when he found out we were looking for it, I was reunited with my lenses- horray! :)


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