Paying A Debt

The women of Murole have a special place in my heart. Last year, we did the incredibly difficult hike to their community where I started my Portraits On Black (POB) series. Since last year’s trip I’ve felt a little in debt to two specific women from Murole.
The first woman is Rusia Tumusime, who Continue Reading →

angelina + tyler :: Portrait On Black

A truly memorable wedding for so many reasons… :)
I can’t wait to share all the ins and outs of this significant shoot soon.


Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2011! What a memorable year :)
Uganda, Chicago, New York, Aruba… for both personal and professional reasons! And how cool is it that I get to travel with Wilson to 3/4 places?

2011 was not without trials and tribulations but all in all, it went down as a profound year for me and it leaves me hopeful and excited for 2012.

With that, this is Claudia signing off for 2011. And I leave you with my ugly sweater portrait :)




Portrait On Black

A Christmas Portrait On Black of a couple of my favourite rug rats for their grandparents.


kim + alex :: wedding

It’s crazy how weather can have such an effect on a wedding. The fact that my team and I didn’t have to be paranoid with the chance of rain really allowed us to be more free. Welp, Kim and Alex’s wedding has come and gone and as I was packing my gear on Saturday morning I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that they booked me three years in advance. Continue Reading →

Uganda :: Visits to the Kanga community

Jen did a great post on Kanga on the Raising The Village blog so hop over there for a summary of what went down!

It’s really neat how every school, every community has a different “vibe” to it.  Some are more reserved, some are quite out going and then there are the ones in between.  Continue Reading →