To find your call­ing is a gift.  A pur­pose pro­vides the drive to pur­sue excel­lence along with an unwa­ver­ing belief that your work is of value. When you can take this resolve and turn it into a voca­tion you achieve a rare and extra­or­di­nary feat.

~ Susan Carr, “The Art and Busi­ness of Pho­tog­ra­phy”

kevin frankish from BT for Connected Magazine

It’s never surprising to me that the best photos come once, “It’s a wrap!” has been called. We had spent Continue Reading →

4 things to keep you out of that winter funk

I was having coffee with another photographer the other day when he asked how I deal with the winter funk. You know, the time of the year when we start feeling unmotivated and we think our work sucks. So I shared with him 4 things I do to help me get through these potentially depressing months ahead. Continue Reading →

Thanks Black Rapid!

A shoutout to BlackRapid for hooking me up with the RS WS-1 strap! I’ve been a fan and a user of their straps for year, owning both the RS-4 and RS-5. And now, I get to enjoy the Continue Reading →

“Whatever it is you do in the world, if you can carve out some time to create and to separate yourself from your normal routine, you will be rewarded.”


Been thinking a lot about creativity and originality lately.

[Creativity] does not result from original parts, but from original thoughts.  Creating new processes is at least as valuable as creating new pieces.

It is a mistake to assume that revolution rests on the back of Continue Reading →

WCH :: Dynna

Here’s one of the images I made for Women’s College Hospital recently (I added the graphic and text just for visual kicks. Doesn’t actually reflect the usage of it). Dynna is one of the earliest patients for their “Virtual Ward” which is a Continue Reading →

Uganda :: Photo Deconstruction

So someone asked me to walk y’all through an image I shot and I thought it’d be a cool post for those people who enjoy the nuts and bolts of things :)

The photograph was shot on our second visit to Kanga. When we got the tour of the school’s property I already knew that I wanted to do something with the water there at some point. Continue Reading →

Uganda :: Packing & Farewell

For many of my wedding couples, I’m one of the first vendors they book once they get engaged.  It’s great to see their excitement and the “freshness” in their attitude towards planning.  Fast forward a year or two later and the same couples often will say something like, “We just want to get it (the wedding) over with.”  What they really mean is, “We just want to see it through or come to be.”  In the same spirit, I just want to be in Uganda already and start taking photos.  Continue Reading →